CX-5 Transport:

  • Tow bars and wiring kits
  • Towing adapters
  • Boot organisers
  • Roof rack bars
  • Dog guard
  • Suitcase
  • Bike Racks

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Product no.: KB8M-V3-920 KIT

Tow bar - Detachable

Extend the capabilities of your vehicle by adding a Tow Bar. D-Value (two bar): 10,8 KN; vertical load (vehicle): 84 kg

£459.20 *
Product no.: KB8S-V3-840

Roof Cross Bars

Only for vehicles with roof rails. Maximum roof load with roof rails and the cross bars is 75 Kg

£211.33 *
Product no.: KB8N-V3-840 KIT

Roof rack - Bolt On

Lockable, max. load 45kg

The most efficient way to transport additional cargo and keep the car to yourself.

£233.56 *
Product no.: C830-V3-291

Adapter 13 pin to 12S

required for the usage of 12S trailer connector on 13 pin connector.


£33.32 *
Product no.: KB8M-V1-280

Dog guard

Made to measure dog gauard which is half-type hight and made from steel mesh.

£167.15 *
Product no.: C832-V3-921

Adapter 13 pins to 7

13 pin to 7 pin Tow bar socket adaptor, requied if you have 13 pin socket and the older 7 pin socket


£6.73 *
Product no.: KB8S-V3-830

Roof Rails

Enhance the look of your vehicle by adding these Roof Rails. Set of two (2) aluminium roof rails

£338.27 *
Product no.: 4100-78-555

Boot Organiser Box

Black easy clean material with Mazda logo. Moveable interior dividers, exterior mesh pockets, detachable lids.

£79.38 *
Product no.: 4100-79-620

Thule Bicycle Carrier - Three Bike

For tow bar mounting (incl. 13-pin connector). Can carry three bicycles and fits all bikes. 

£558.32 *
Product no.: 4100-78-619

Thule Bicycle Carrier - Two Bike

For tow bar mounting (incl. 13-pin connector). Can carry two bicycles and fits all bike frame and wheel size dimensions. 

£444.74 *
Product no.: 0000-8D-Z01

Soft foldable Cargo Box

This cargo box helps you pack in plenty of supplies. It comes with semi hard walls to keep your belongings safe.

£44.95 *
Product no.: 4100-78-618A

Thule Bicycle Carrier for E-bikes

For easy transportation of two E-bikes, fits to tow Bar, including a 13-Pin Connector.


£500.62 *
Product no.: C806-V4-702

Thule Ski-/snowboard attachment long type

Aerodynamic design carrier for 6 pair of ski or 4 snowboards. Attachment kit for roof rack.


£142.24 *
Product no.: C805-V4-702

Thule Ski-/snowboard attachment short type

Allows the attachement for 4 pairs of ski or 2 snowboards


£121.56 *
Product no.: C830-V0-531C

Trunk net

Can be fitted vertical or horizontal.

£46.74 *
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